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Thanks for dropping in on my site here. I’m Mary, a trained graphic designer and print lover at heart. I strive to bring my passion for art and design of many types into everything I create. Whether I’m illustrating, photographing, or designing (anything from identity and branding, to business collateral, advertising, or marketing materials), I try to bring a personal touch to everything I do. I feel it’s important to start with original art whenever possible to give the finished pieces a unique and long-lasting appeal.

It excites me to use my art to contribute to the world in some meaningful way and I try to volunteer my skills to causes I cherish when I can. Lately it's been through event photography at charity events. I’m incredibly partial to great causes like animal rescues and I am madly in love with my dog, Naomi. I also love my mac, a fresh sketch pad, new pens and pencils and my camera! I’m rarely far from any of them...

You may also find me on Linked-In, Twitter and Facebook. I look forward to working with you and seeing how I may help you!

- Mary Koster

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